Perks of Wireless Security Systems

Everything is going wireless these days. Should your home security system? Here are a few perks of wireless security systems to help you make up your mind.

Increased Security

Without wires burglars have nothing to cut. Let them snip the phone line and even cut off power. Wireless security systems are not so easily dismantled. Just make sure it connects through your cell phone or other wireless routing system to the monitoring center.

Perks of Wireless Security Systems

Do burglars really cut wires? A shocking 25% admit to cutting telephone and alarm wires prior to breaking into a home. Rest easier knowing that your security system is not vulnerable to outside attack.

Easy Relocation

Do you rent? Are you worried about security in your rented home? Renters love wireless security systems. Most are easy to install and uninstall. Some you can even assemble yourself. Landlords rarely have a problem with wireless security systems. Most are happy to have security on the property. Security lowers the risk of property damage by burglars that landlords must repair.

Perks of Wireless Security Systems

Wireless systems do not require drilling into walls or other damaging installation techniques that compromise your rental deposit. When you are ready to rent elsewhere wireless security systems move to your new home with you. Homeowners who move frequently enjoy the same benefits.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies offer discounts for installing security systems. Enjoy discounts up to 20% for protecting your family no matter where you live. Check with your insurance policy to see what the requirements are in order to qualify for discounts.

Perks of Wireless Security Systems

Stay Up To Date

Wireless security systems keep you up to date. Set your system up to deliver notifications to your cell phone so that you stay informed about all aspects of your home’s security. Keep track of setting alarms, interior temperature, flooding, security cameras, and energy savings with home automation technology. Help your kids stay safe while home alone.

Install One Today

Sometimes waiting is good. Waiting for a birthday builds excitement. Waiting to install a home security system is not one of those times. Don’t increase your home’s chances of a break in or expose your family to an undetected fire. Get a wireless security system today.

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